About Us


Middle Tennessee home builder Stacey Harvey, began using the Superior Walls system in his own custom built homes in 2001. Realizing the huge savings in time and labor costs associated with the Superior Walls system, Mr. Harvey became more involved with the product. Eventually, his own success as well as other builders and homeowners led him to put together the group that is now known as Superior Walls of East TN.

Based on his years of experience building basements for homes in Middle and Eastern Tennessee, Harvey soon realized that the market for this revolutionary product was much larger than just his local area of Rock Island, TN. With so many builders tired of living in the stone age where foundation construction is concerned, the demand for Superior Walls is growing at an astounding rate.

The Superior Walls of East TN plant in Warren County, TN produces only the Superior Walls of America XI series walls. Customers like the advantage of the extra insulation as well as the straight metal cap studs, for a clean appearance. The new factory takes advantage of the 31 years of building experience in the Superior Walls name to offer homeowners and businesses the same strong, reliable walls that so impressed Harvey as a custom home contractor.

Franchise Headquarters: Rock Island, TN

Founded:  2003

President:  Stacey Harvey