(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. If I want to use Superior Walls for my home, at what point should your company representative be contacted?

Superior Walls Logo As soon as your lot is cleared and your preliminary site is staked out.

Q. What information will you need to build the system for my home?

Superior Walls Logo The blueprints and any changes that may be required.

Q. Are formal blueprints necessary even if my builder doesn't require them?

Superior Walls Logo It depends on local codes, but we prefer to have a sealed drawing for construction.

Q. How are your walls insulated and are they easily finished?

Superior Walls Logo Our walls are formed and poured directly to the insulation in our temperature controlled plant environment. This creates a bond between the two materials that is the envy of the industry. The ease of finish should make any builder or homeowner smile.

Q. Is there an instance where the application of Superior Wall Systems would be cost prohibitive?

Superior Walls Logo Yes, where the terrain is too steep to allow access by our cranes and forklifts. Your representative will make that decision upon his preliminary site visit.

Q. How does your system compare in cost to the more traditional techniques?

Superior Walls Logo Good question! First, one needs to realize we have a premium product. If you were to compare our rates with the highest quality foundation contractor in your area, one that provides a bundle of services like we do, then our costs are not only competitive, but our builders and homeowners alike can save money using our systems.

Q. If your cost estimate is somewhat more expensive for my particular home, how can I justify this extra expense for my use?

Superior Walls Logo The hardest part of a home construction project is knowing exactly what something will cost. We will give you an exact quote, and providing our simple instructions for site prep are followed, that quote is what you pay. No hidden charges, and we guarantee our product and work for 15 years-- Just try and get your block mason or poured wall contractor to match that.

Q. How does installation of this type of system evolve, that is, who does what and when?

Superior Walls Logo Your local Sales Representative will explain the responsibilities that we, your builder and you have. Then we actually sign off on these responsibilities.

Q. Are there any limitations that I might face, design of home, etc.?

Superior Walls Logo Not that we have found in 22 years of building with our products. We've even manufactured foundations for circular homes; we can do almost anything you might require.